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24. dubna 2016 v 0:27 | Eli-Jassa |  Deníčky
Silence will fall
when the question is asked...

...Doctor Who?

Dear diary,

I've always wondered how hard is to write an article in English. Now I can see. It's not that difficult but I can spoil anything.
Today we celebrate the Silence day. I could not celebrate it. Again! Last year, we were in Dresden in Hygiene museum and today is Saturday. Damnit. Two years ago we took this photo:

I fell in front of the nearby pond. Yeah, Pond. Silence. That reminds me summin...
Oh, I just noticed. It's not Silence day anymore... Well, never mind. Let's bake some cookies and draw Tally marks on my nails. I have all night long, it's dangerous to sleep today. I should stay awake.

Well, I think my pet Silence won't hurt me, so I'm going to bed now. Good night :)

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